Retail Security


    People today expect more than ever from their shopping experience and have high expectations of the facilities offered by shopping centres, especially when it comes to feeling safe and secure throughout their visit. Officers at Double Check Security all have integrity, can deal with change and manage any problems effectively. They are able to take confident control of any situation as and when they occur.

    All of our officers are trained to work within the retail environment, they are aware of their own behaviour and how this determines the outcome of any situation or event.

    The main objectives of our officers are:
    • The protection of life.
    • The protection of property and our client’s premises.
    • The prevention of loss and waste.
    • The prevention of violence and crime.


    Qualities of our officers:

    • Honesty
    • Self Discipline
    • Reliability
    • Courtesy
    • Dedication
    • Approachability